Fugitive Dreams

Chronicles of Occupation and Resistance

Fugitive Dreams is a slightly fictionalized literary memoir illustrating a sweeping 50 years of life under occupation through personal stories.

Born in Palestine ‘on the “wrong” side of the border,’ Sameer finds his way to America to rebuild his life. His immigrant experience in post-9/11 America is laced to the ongoing conflict at home with the common threads of school shootings, police violence, human rights abuses, activism, and walls. For the sake of his daughter, he decides he must do something.

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Editorial Reviews

“Fugitive Dreams is one of the few books that would make a compelling read even for those of us very familiar with the question of Palestine. … I highly recommend Hanhan’s debut literary project.”
“A scream that comes from the mouths of an entire generation, … this book is full of shocking, poignant, and sublime moments, and it is delightfully fascinating, vividly evocative, and emotionally honest throughout.”
“A profound fictional portrayal of Palestinian life and struggle.”
– Sam Bahour, ePalestine
“Fugitive Dreams whisks us along the streets and hills of Palestine, giving a glimpse of an occupied childhood witnessing an Intifada against a military power.”
– This Week in Palestine
“I was engaged from the start of the book and had to see how it would end, even in a world where there is no end in sight. Hanhan’s suggestions toward the end would serve all of us, no matter what your challenges may be. I recommend this read to all who want to understand and honor all of the ‘others’ who people this Earth.”
– Ned Tillman, Author of The Big Melt and Saving the Places We Love

Book Quotes

“Outside, the streets were in turmoil, spilling the sound of gunfire and the smell of burning tires and tear gas into the house.
“She whispered again, with eyes as wide as when I told her about seeing a fox on the trail, “Tell me more about the Israelis.’
“Even if I want to [forget about the conflict), the conflict doesn’t forget about me.
Author Biography

Ramsey Hanhan

Ramsey Hanhan is author of Fugitive Dreams, a personal memoir illustrating a sweeping 50 years of a Palestine under occupation. He writes to transcend culture, speak for the voiceless, and uncover the beauty of the ordinary.

Prior, he was a physics professor noted for his computer models that describe and predict complexity in nature. Nowadays, you can find him on a jogging trail, deep in the forest, at an airport, or in a coffee shop. For his next titles, he is finishing a romantic novella and a collection of essays. Hanhan holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Separation Wall

The Wall remains,
The knee of a policeman on the neck of a
captive nation,
Crying to a world gone deaf,

“I Can’t Breathe”

Ramsey Hanhan

Table of Contents

1   Under the Desk
2   First Glimpse
3   The Car
4   Inherited Memories
5   Stateless 
6   School Years
7   Intifada 
8   Resistance Through Existence 
9   Transplant 
10  Settlement 

11  Hopes Of Peace 
12  Process Over Peace 
13  Aftermath 
14  Body Counts
15  Stranger    
16  Unmuzzled
17  Wall
18  Nature Enchained
    Memories of Palestine

19  Full Circle
20  Olives and Cacti    
21  Gaining Altitude    
    About the Author